Meet Alex Harrington

A volunteer Urban Search and Rescuer who has found his career in surveying.

Survey the job scene

Fresh out of university, Alex was unsure of the opportunities professional consultancies offered graduate surveyors. Five years with Beca, he reckons it would’ve been a struggle to find another surveying company or consultancy that provided him the same level of experience and professional development.

Alex has never looked back. He’s been given the opportunity to experience and learn; from small, simple projects through to large, complex cadastral jobs. He’s enjoyed the travel, the camaraderie and the ability to work with, and learn from, other areas of the business and clients.

Becoming a licenced cadastral surveyor was important to Alex. With what he believes is “some of the best cadastral experience around,” he didn’t have to struggle become licenced. On top of that, he’s developed and progressed his career through our graduate programme and intermediate conferences, and been able to receive niche surveying and technical training.

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It’s a great environment to be in

We have a fantastic team culture. We look after each other and, at the end of the day, we have a laugh.

Alex Harrington,

Senior Surveyor