Ports, marine and coastal projects are located in a sensitive environment that can change overnight thanks to a storm. Alongside economic drivers, environmental impacts and consenting processes, these projects require specific expertise – like ours.

Effective solutions that meet your needs can only be built with solid understanding and experience of the issues surrounding coastal and marine infrastructure and management. 

Ports and marine

Whether you run a large mining operation or a busy commercial gateway, our team has the experience to help you navigate successfully through your project and its construction - recognising opportunities for innovation along the way. Keeping a port facility operational throughout a ports and coastal project is a key challenge. We solve this with careful planning and liaison with port management and authorities to reduce disruption and ensure safety.

Coastal infrastructure and management

Engineering solutions for coastlines affected by natural hazards, new developments or enhanced community amenities across the Pacific is incredibly rewarding for our team. We have been able to get involved with creating vibrant city waterfronts as well as building resilience and combating rising sea levels for small island nations. 

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